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Divine Discourse Summary-December 18, 2016

Divine Discourse Summary-December 18, 2016-True Education is for Self Realisation

What is the use of education that leads us only to death? We need to learn that education, which leads us to immortality. Our scriptures have been declaring time and again that you can’t attain immortality through wealth, activity and progeny. Only by sacrifice, you can attain immortality. We have to not only utilise the modern education for eking out our livelihood, we should also understand that true education is for self-realisation or God realisation. Scientific knowledge gives us only information but spiritual wisdom grants us transformation. All that education which does not impart spiritual wisdom cannot be called true education. What is true wisdom? To recognise oneness of all creation is true wisdom. The Vedas declare: God is one without the second.  People will call you true men of wisdom only when you recognise and experience this unity or oneness.

Managements of educational institutions are exploiting the helplessness of parents. Education is not being imparted but sold in these institutions. Greedy managements are exploiting the helplessness and poverty of parents in order to earn money. But our educational institutions and hospitals are setting new standards and demonstrating high ideals. The spiritual revolution, which started in Gulbarga is now spreading across the state of Karnataka to all the districts and coming June, we are starting a new educational campus for girls in the district of Gadag. When we put in our self effort and when there is Divine grace, nothing is impossible.

Today, we find children studying in many new campuses which have come up in the last four years starting with Gulbarga, Mandya, Bijapur, Jayapura, Chikkaballapur and Hassan. How did it all happen? It is because the efforts of the devotees were coupled with Divine grace of Swami. In the next ten years, you will see that every district of Karnataka will have Sathya Sai educational institutions. In all these educational institutions, we have to impart free education to children. If these institutions are running today, it is because of the wonderful sacrifice of many devotees. Even our alumni and alumnae have joined this venture in providing free education – each one to one child. If our alumni and alumnae look after at least one boy or one girl’s education, we can impart free education to all the children.

Why am I doing all this? This is My response to the prayer of Narayan Bhat. If you light one lamp, from that lamp you can light many lamps. After having attained that kind of education, we need to spread it and give this education to everybody in the society. It is My aspiration that our students and our senior students – alumni and alumnae – and our devotees get together united, establish many more such educational institutions and grant this kind of education, which leads to earning Divine grace and Divine love. Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray. Through our activity and actions, we have to offer gratitude to society.