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Divine Discourse Summary-December 22, 2016

Divine Discourse Summary – December 22, 2016

Life is a journey from ignorance to Divine experiential knowledge.

The one who gives up ego becomes dear to all. The one who gives up anger, does not repent and is at peace. The one who gives up desires attains the highest. The one who gives up greed becomes happy. In this game of life, there are six members in the opposite team. Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya – Arishadvarga is the name of the team. There is a leader for this team also. The way this leader, ego, directs, the team follows. This ego tells them how they must come in your way and stop you from achieving your goal. If you escape the attack of the Kama or desires, Krodha comes in your way. If you are somehow are able to dodge both Kama and KrodhaLobha and Moha cause obstacles. And if somehow you are able to navigate through these four and are able to proceed further, Mada Matsarya will not let you move any forward. The ego arises mainly from ignorance. You may think that Ajnana or ignorance may be removed by Vijnana or the knowledge of these subjects. But the truth is that the more the head is filled with all kinds of knowledge, the more powerful ego becomes. Therefore, this ego is not something that can be removed or killed with the help of subject knowledge or knowledge of worldly matters. Ajnana, which is the root cause of ego and all other enemies can be removed only by Sujnana or good knowledge.

What is Sujnana? Considering oneself as Divine is Sujnana; it is the removal of the ignorance that one is just this body-mind complex. The moment this ignorance that ‘I am just the body – a conglomerate of various limbs and organs and a complex of body and mind’ – is given up, ignorance immediately disappears. And this understanding of Daivabhimana or attachment or identification of oneself to the Divine rather than Dehabhimana or identification of oneself to the body leads to true wisdom. Therefore, the whole effort of our educational system is to help remove this darkness of ignorance that you are just this body and mind and give you the higher knowledge that you are Divine.

When there is humility, there is no scope for ego. And when you live a life like this, you reach the highest state of Soham or ‘I am that’ or ‘I am divine’. Ignorance must be replaced or removed with Sujnana or good knowledge and this Sujnana will lead to Prajnana or the knowledge of one’s Divine self.

At this young age, boys and girls, it is very natural for you to drift towards the not so good side of the senses because of the age and the immaturity that you have. Your Viveka or discrimination from the past experience should help you to decide on the right path and take the detour away from the dangerous path. All these senses have been given to definitely appreciate the creation of God. Good music definitely gives joy. Good food definitely gives you a kind of satisfaction. Good sight of nature and beauty definitely fills you with joy. But having got these senses, one must know how to use them well. You must all put efforts to control these senses and put them on the right path. Tell yourself “I am not the body and the mind. I am God. I am God. I am God.” Repeat this as a Mantra till your mind is satisfied and settles down.

Words are not enough to describe the good fortune that has been bestowed upon all of you. To be born as a human being of all the 84 lakh species on earth in itself is a great blessing. Misusing or wasting this opportunity will be the greatest misfortune that can ever befall you.