Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse Summary-December 29, 2016

Divine Discourse Summary – December 29, 2016

Depending on the kind of seed that we sow, we get the fruits thereof later

To cross over this ocean of Samsara, of life and death, it is not enough if you do penance, or if you visit pilgrimage centres, or if you study all the scriptures in the world. It is possible only when you render service to noble people, noble souls. This body is given to us for helping others. The human birth is given to us in order to render service.  If you look at the creation, you find that everything in creation is rendering service everywhere. Rivers flow only to quench the thirst of others; they never drink their own water.

There are two aspects of devotion to God. One aspect of devotion is to chant the name of God, participate in community singing, visit pilgrimage centres – all this is one aspect of devotion. Devotees do it with great love: that is right. But having only this kind of love is not enough. The love for God in the heart of a devotee has to manifest itself as service to everyone because God is the indweller in everyone. Body is the temple of God and the individual soul is none other than God. God resides in the heart of every being and therefore, love Him by serving them.

Though born in the species of the monkeys, Hanuman rendered great service to God, attained God’s grace and attained the supreme state. In your mind, you have to chant the name of Rama. With your hands, you should do the service of Rama. Only then you can win His grace. Only when you render service, you can attain Divine grace. When two things get together – love and service – Vibheeshana attained Divine grace and therefore, he could get the proximity to God, Rama.

God does not need anybody’s service. He is serving everyone. He does not really accept anybody’s service. Why are we giving this opportunity for service to our students? Because it is only through service, they will be able to cross over this ocean of Samsara and attain the ultimate goal of life. Little service rendered by them now will come back to them tenfold and protect them in future. I am not bothered about the quantity of service but what is important is the quality of service. What I really accept from these children is the devotion, the juice of devotion, with which they render service. When Kuchela, the friend of Krishna, offered three fistfuls of beaten rice to Krishna, Krishna gave him so much of prosperity and wealth that he could lead all his life with great ease and comfort. Little things you do for God will come back to you a thousand fold and protect you.

All that we experience in our lives is nothing but the consequences of our previous actions. If you do good actions, you will get good rewards. When you do evil acts, you will get punishment. Depending on the kind of activities that we involve ourselves in, we are going to reap the consequences. Therefore, always get into good activity. If you are in good company, you will do good activity. Tell Me your company; I will tell you what you are. Depending on the kind of seed that we sow, we get the fruits thereof later. If you sow the seed of devotion to God and service to God, when you grow up, you will receive the fruits of bliss.