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Divine Discourse Summary – February 22, 2017, Mandya

Divine Discourse Summary – February 22, 2017, Mandya

Develop selfless love

Devotees from all around the world have travelled thousands of miles and come here with so much of discomfort and inconvenience; yet they are here to participate in a school opening function. What makes them do so? Today our children in Mandya are going to have a world-class building in which they can stay comfortably and study with all conveniences. All this is possible only because of the broad-mindedness of many. They have been working tirelessly only to help build these kinds of institutions. People who had retired from their job went back to jobs so that they can help the institutions. People who were working 8 hours a day, started working 12 hours a day in order to help the institutions.  And those who were not having enough to share, they even went to the extent of borrowing so that they can provide for the quick construction and completion of the building.

Where did they get this kind of a courage and commitment from? Not because Swami said something, not because somebody else said something, it is because they felt these children also belong to them, just as their own children. Just as if my child needs a little more help, I would work extra hours to provide for it; just as if my child needs a higher education, I would even go and take a loan to provide for it; just as if my child is going through medical sickness, I will borrow, I will do anything to save the child – with that commitment, they have taken this step forward.

Just as these devotees felt that these children are our children, our own old students have felt that these are our own brothers and sisters and they have come forward to look after the education of one brother or one sister.

And here are these Tyagajeevis who without expecting anything in return, just with the only expectation that we must be able to render some service to our Swami,  are working day and night. There are no words we can use to describe the amount of hard work and sacrifices they are making.

All I expect from the students, from the devotees, from all the people gathered here is that you should be loving – love others selflessly and that will give you all the fulfilment in life. You don’t have to run behind anything. I challenge you that once you have tasted this Divine love, everything else will be tasteless in this world. In fact, not only tasteless, it will be disgusting to have anything in the world if you have once tasted this Divine love.

Develop such love. Only when you give up all the selfishness that arises out of this feeling that you are just the body and mind, that is when you will become people who can love.  Consider everyone as your own and love everyone and serve everyone.