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Divine Discourse Summary – February 5, 2017

Divine Discourse Summary – February 5, 2017

What is Devotion?

After having performed all kinds of Sadhanas or spiritual practices, if at the end, there is no sense of stability in the person; and after chanting the names any number of times, if there is no peace in the heart; it is like trying to cultivate a barren land which will not yield any crop. The world is full of people who call themselves as devotees of God. They dress up like devotees, they speak like devotees, they act like devotees but without true devotion in one’s heart, can one be a devotee? In spite of performing all kinds of rituals, engaging in all kinds of outer activities, if inside there is no peace, there is no equanimity, there is no stability, then one cannot be a devotee. 

Bhakthi or devotion is the source of all the Shakthi or strength. Such strength alone, which is inner spiritual strength can help the devotee develop equanimity even in situations that are not favourable. Devotion is not just about worshipping God. It is truly loving God and having faith. It is a combination of faith and love for God. Love and faith together consist of devotion. We love God because He is the only one who loves us for our sake and without any expectations. And we have the faith that because He loves us so much He will look after us through ups and downs, through highs and lows, through favourable and unfavourable situations –  that is true faith. One who has this kind of love without any expectations or attachments and has the complete belief that whatever happens in their lives, they are all under God’s care and He will look after them, such persons alone can be called as devotees.

Some years ago when Swami explained that we need to start these educational campuses all across the state of Karnataka and even beyond, those who were there as a witness to the unfolding of this saga of Swami’s educational service did not doubt how it will happen. They believed that yes, it is not possible for us human beings to execute all this but we have the Divine with us and therefore, we have infinite power with us. Today, when I tell that there is more that is going to happen, I know how it is going to happen for I am aware of the past, present and the future. I know everything. From the past, the present and the future, everything is known to Me. But no one knows Me. In times to come, it will be there for all to see, to witness for themselves. Nobody can stop it, nobody can help it. For it has already happened in Me. For you, it is only a matter of time to see. Therefore, be grateful, be happy that you are a part and a witness to such unfolding of Divine glory, which has never happened in the history of mankind and will not happen again. My children are there for Me to do whatever I want. I don’t need anything else. In times to come, they will be the leaders, they will be the people who are going to transform the entire world.

If you have good concentration because of purity of mind, which is born out of devotion in heart, then one hour work can be done in ten minutes. Therefore, devotion is the basis of purity and purity is the basis of all achievements. Don’t think devotion and education have no relation. In fact, devotion is the basis of all education.