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How to live in the awareness of our divinity? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 12, 2017

How to live in the awareness of our divinity? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 12, 2017

How to live in the awareness of our divinity?

Being Divine, if you forget the Divine, is it not akin to forgetting oneself? In the word ‘Manava’, the hidden meaning is that ‘he is not new’. He is the eternal one, the permanent one, who has no birth, no death, no beginning and no end. He shines forth in every being as the Atma. This Divine principle is in fact what is called Manava. This Divine principle is not new; it is ancient. Based on this, man has got this appellation, Manava.

But today’s man having forgotten his own Divinity, is subjecting himself to all kinds of sorrows and miseries. What is that great sentence or great utterance that was said by people who knew the Truth? They said, “Brahma is eternal; this world is an illusion. This Jeevatma or the individual soul is none other than God or Brahma. The same thing is said as body is the temple of God; the individual Atma is none other than God Himself. Why did God gift us this wonderful human body? This body is the temple and this individual soul is none other than God who resides inside. Only when we recognise this truth, we will be able to conquer fear, evil, anger and all kinds of bad things.

We should believe in the truth of Divinity in ourselves and that is how we have to conduct ourselves in our life. First and foremost, you should keep on contemplating on this great glorious Divine truth. As is the feeling, so does it happen. God you think, God you are; dust you think, dust you are; as you think, so you become. Whatever you think, that is what you are going to become.  Therefore, we have to set right our thoughts first. Our actions are decided by the kind of thoughts we develop. Our actions decide our character. This character is what finally defines our destiny. When you develop the feeling that I am Divine, naturally you will realise the Truth. If you are Divine, your thoughts should be Divine, words should be Divine, your acts would be Divine. When you develop some negative feeling like anger, you have to tell yourself “I am not an animal, I am God. I should not develop such evil feelings because God will never get such feelings. When you turn selfless, you become Divine. Only difference between God and man is man’s selfishness. When we turn our feelings of selfishness into selflessness, immediately we can realise our Divinity. If we can give up our selfishness, we can recognise this Truth.

If you develop the feeling whatever acts you may do, I am offering it to my Krishna, my Lord, my Sayeeshwara, everything will become Divine. There is no Sadhana or spiritual practice higher than keeping on thinking of God, offering everything to God selflessly. You may take to many external practices like worship and things like that but if there is no purity in the heart, it will be a waste. Turn your work into worship; Karma into Karma yoga.