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Divine Discourse Summary-January 1, 2017

Divine Discourse Summary – January 1, 2017

What should be resolve to do this New Year?

There is one thing which we cannot regain once we lose – this human body. Adi Sankara proclaimed to the world that among all species of life, human birth is the most precious and once you get it, you have to treasure it. There are three things that are very difficult to get but which alone can lead us to Divine grace. The first is the human birth, second is the aspiration to liberate oneself and thirdly, the company of the great noble souls.  We need to understand the inner meaning of the word ‘Manava’ which means ‘not new’. The body cannot be said ‘not new’ – it is new only. It comes and goes, it is born and dies, it grows and diminishes. The body may be new but the indweller, the Atma, the Dehi is not new. There is a meaning why we are called Manava – not new. It is because man is not just the body. The body may be new but the Divine principle, the Atmic principle in the body is not new.

To be born as a human being with a human body is one thing but actually what is Mumukshatva or desire for liberation is to attain the ultimate goal of self-realisation. What we need to do on this New Year day or in the New Year is come to this Divine Ashram, give up worldly feelings and realise and experience the Divine state that is the ultimate destination for us. In this New Year, ask for only one thing. Only one desire and aspiration that you have to develop: Let me experience my Divinity, enjoy that bliss and also share it with many others around me. The important resolution that all of us is to break the shackles of bondage to birth and death in this life in this year. Have very lofty spiritual ideals. It is our birthright to experience our Divinity.

In order to realise the eternal Divinity in this new body, we need to be in the company of the great Teacher, listen to His teachings, contemplate on them and put them into practice.  You can understand the inner significance of these statements only when you practise it. What is the purpose of my life? The ultimate goal of life is to experience the eternal Divinity within the new body. Whatever we do, we should be doing in order to reach that goal. We have to develop discrimination by developing this thought ‘am I am getting nearer to God or getting away from God’. All that we do should take us nearer to God. Otherwise it is better to give it up. That is Vairagya. This is the new thing that we need to do in the New Year. Whatever we do, we should always have the aspiration to get nearer and dearer to God. When we choose our actions, thoughts and feelings and words based on this discrimination, then our life will become sacred and holy.

We have to resolve that from today onwards, we will utilise all our time and energy in order to help others and serve others. On every New Year day, on first of January, we take many such resolutions. But most of us do not follow it. Whatever you had to ask, you have asked for it but never give up before you get it.  To give up in the middle and go backwards is not the characteristic of a true devotee.  Whatever we resolve, we need to work with determination to achieve it. Developing that kind of determination to achieve what needs to be achieved is real valour. If we have love for God, devotion to God and aspiration to get closer to God, definitely we can achieve all this. Only then you can attain true bliss and joy in your life.

We will attain true and lasting bliss only when we get closer to God. When we do things which God loves and get dear to Him, then we will become near to Him. Nearness to God is happiness. That kind of happiness you don’t get anywhere else. You have to start this New Year with this kind of resolve that we are going to achieve what Swami has told us. Then only you will be following the Master, you can face the devil, fight till the end and finish the game. This is how we can attain the supreme goal of life. Before this year ends, we should achieve and experience a little of our Divinity – that should be our resolve.