Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Divine Discourse Summary – January 19, 2017

Annual Sports & Cultural Meet, Valedictory Function – January 19, 2017

Develop divine love to experience God

The whole world is based on Divine love. All creation in this world is a testimony to this Divine love. Unable to know this, man is subject to all disasters today. There is no selflessness in the worldly ties such as that in parent-children, husband-wife or any other relationship. They all lead to only bondage. In love, there is no give and take. When we give something to others, it is very worldly to expect something in return too. But Divine love does not expect anything in return. Hence, this Divine love always remains same, never increases and never decreases. But when we mix this Divine love with our desires and expectations, it diminishes.

We do not see such pure selfless love anywhere in this world other than in our children (Swami’s students). The only desire they have is to be deserving of Swami’s blessing and love. For this, they are ready to do anything. People who have come from outside and those who are watching may feel that whatever performances the students are exhibiting must be very strenuous. But when you go to children and ask them they say it is not at all strenuous. If you have love you won’t have strain. If you feel strained, it means you do not have enough love.

As all of you know 2-3 educational institutions are being built every year and hence our family is growing year by year. What are we doing in this growing family? Filling their hearts with the love and blessings of parents, elders and teachers, the senior students are sharing it with the new students of this Institute. Love has no body, form or nature. If there is love in our hearts, it will flow equally in all directions. You should not only experience such love in Swami’s presence but also experience the same from all your teachers and senior students at your respective campuses as well. I am like a water storage tank. Though there is only one tank situated in a particular place, its water is distributed to many places through pipes and taps. Wherever I am, I will send My love to all of you through these students.

All of you have come here, attended the sports meet; some have won and some have lost; all that is not important. Beyond all this, you have experienced the principle of love, which is most important. Having come here, you have experienced that these are my sisters and brothers – that is very important. It is My responsibility to impart the same education to the entire world. My love and service to all is to kindle the flames of love and sacrifice and distribute such flames to one and all.

Children are My life, My very breath. I am ready to do anything for the sake of children. I want good children, they have to be happy and safe. If you live happily serving others selflessly, that is the prize you give to Me.