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Divine Discourse Summary-Mahashivarathri-Lingodbhavam Message-February 24,2017

Divine Discourse Summary – Mahashivarathri Lingodbhavam Message – February 24, 2017

Happiness is Union with God

To realise, know and understand the formless God for human beings with forms is very difficult. In fact, this Lingam is a transition from the form to the formless. Through the Lingam, Shiva demonstrates and teaches this formless aspect of God. I am not the mind, I am not the intelligence, I am not the sub-conscious mind, I am not the ego, I am not this body, I am not the senses, birth and death do not affect me, no sin, no merit will affect me. What is my true form? Chidananda Rupam – the embodiment of awareness, beauty and bliss.

Happiness is union with God. That kind of joy you can’t find in the world. Happiness of the world will come and go; it is very temporary but Divine joy, Divine bliss is permanent and eternal. This happened because I wanted to bestow upon you those glorious experiences which you had experienced in the past. In fact, when you pray with a Divine feeling, that feeling itself will get transformed into solid form. Incarnations come down to the earth because of their compassion and love for human beings. Swami is God; He is not an ordinary human being. You recognise this truth and behave accordingly. He has no limitations, He can do anything, anytime, anywhere. He has got the power to utilise anybody and do anything.

The whole of night involve yourselves in chanting the name of God, singing Bhajans. While the sound can be heard only in this hall, your feeling can traverse all over the universe. Thoughts will get into the Akasha. That is the ultimate Vyoma or sky or ether. God also says that My ultimate form is this supreme sky, supreme ether. Your noble feelings starting from here will go all over the world. Therefore, you involve yourself with complete mind and heart, heart and soul in this Bhajan.