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Ugadi Message – Divine Discourse Summary – March 29, 2017

Ugadi Message – Divine Discourse Summary – March 29, 2017

Seva is the ultimate spiritual practice

The ultimate goal of human life is to get rid of the illusion that ‘I am the body’ and to realise the truth that ‘I am God’. If you want to have a look at your reflection in a mirror, there are three things that we need to set right. First,we have make sure that the mirror itself isn’t perverting your shape and form in its reflection. Second, there should be enough light. In a dark place, even if the mirror is there, you can’t look at your reflection. Finally, ensure that the mirror is clean. It  should not be covered with dust or any kind of cloth. Only when you set right all these three things, you will be able to derive joy looking at your reflection in the mirror. Upanishads speak about it in the form of three impurities: Mala, Vikshepa and Avarana.If you want to know the truth, you should remove all these three impediments.

Malais the impurity of the feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’. We should first remove our selfishness and fill ourselves with selflessness. To get rid of Vikshepa, you should get rid of the body consciousness and develop divine consciousness. If you want to light the lamp of wisdom, you need to first put the wick into the oil. This oil is good company. What is this Avarana? It is the feeling that ‘I am the body’. You do have a form but you are not just the form. Forms keep changing. Truth does not change. It is necessary for you to understand that because you think you are confined to this body consciousness, you can’t see the truth and know your true nature. When you get rid of all these three impediments, you will be able to know your own truth.

All of you have come here on this New Year day with the aspiration to be in the proximity of God and redeem yourselves. But why should it happen only on the New Year day? It can happen every moment. Every moment is divine and glorious. In the life that is given to you, if you understand the value of and preciousness of time, and utilise it to realise God,only then the time is valued by you. When we are born in this world, we become students in the school of this world. But nobody knows when the examination might come. Therefore, we should be ready all the time. So, all the time we should think of God.

Of all the spiritual practices, we need to undertake to get rid of our ignorance, service is the highest. Without desire for the fruits of action, when we offer all our actions to God, that becomes Karma Yoga. When you want to offer your actions to God, you should love God – that is Bhakti Yoga.  And to know that God exists in everyone and therefore, I should serve everyone, that is the path of wisdom. Service has all the three; there is nothing higher than that.