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What should we desire always – Divine Discourse Summary – March 30, 2017

What should we desire for always? – March 30, 2017 – Divine Discourse Summary

What should we desire for always? 

Four kinds of devotees come to Gog – Arthi, Artharthi, Jignasu and Jnani. Arthas approach God for removal of some suffering and problem they are facing in life.  Artharthis pray to God for gaining more wealth, more position, great name and fame. Jignasus are the spiritual aspirants, who worship God in order to know the truth that God only is permanent and world is temporary. Jnanis are the men and women of wisdom who have understood the eternal nature of God and the impermanent nature of the world. They have also with their spiritual practices experienced oneness with the Divine and come to God only with one purpose – of enjoying the Divine bliss.

Whoever approaches Him for whatsoever reason, whatever they ask for, He showers His blessings and grants their wishes. God declared that it is His pledge, whoever come to Him, He will grant them fearlessness. 

In Sri Rama’s life you can find all these four categories of devotees. In the first category, Rama fulfilled Ahalya’s wish by going to the place where she was there for many years as a stone. With the touch of His feet, He redeemed her. The second category of devotees, the Artharthis, is represented very well by Kaikeyi, Rama’s step-mother who prayed to Sri Rama so that her son, Bharata, would become the king. In the third category of spiritual aspirants, Vibheeshana is the best of them. Among the fourth category of the men of wisdom, supreme example is Hangman, who went on praying to Rama only for staying in His proximity and enjoyed doing His service.

Most of the people come to God with bundles of desires. Nobody approaches Him with the only desire that I want to win over God. God tells ‘Amen’ to everybody, grants everybody’s desires, He doesn’t say what you are doing is wrong. But this kind of opportunity to approach God and pray to God directly is a very rare gift. Such a great fortune that has been bestowed upon us should not be wasted by asking for silly desires.He accepts only love from you and gives only love to you and except love, nothing tastes good for Him.

As is your feeling, so does it happen. God surrenders to pure love and nothing else. Therefore, when we approach God, what is it that we should pray for? I want You and You alone. Put your hands in my hands. If You become mine, the whole world will become mine. When you aspire only for God, the creation which has been created by God also will become yours.

Just like how you exchange all the heavy coins for one currency note, exchange all your desires with one desire: I want only God. Your life will become light. Wherever you are, whenever it is, all the time you should think of God.