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Divine Discourse Summary – Nov 30th, 2016

Divine Discourse Summary – Nov 30th, 2016

Anna Birth Anniversary Celebrations

In this temporary world, everything that emerges out of it is also temporary. Truth and good name are the only things that remain eternally permanent. Many great men have tried to remain immortal and be remembered by the people by acquiring tremendous wealth, having a lot of progeny or building great tombs in their memories. Their tombs do remain but they have only become tourist spots. They aren’t instruments to remember their glory. Therefore, do not strive for that which is not going to stay any which ways. But work for that which will remain permanent even after you are long gone. What we do for the others and thereby what we earn as good name alone remains much after we are all gone.

Today we are here to remember the life and works of Madiyal Narayan Bhat because he lived a life for the sake of others. He always told “We are all children of the same Mother and Father, who are Divine. How can one brother not worry about the growth and development of the other brothers and sisters in the same family? Therefore, we must do something for others because they are truly not others; they are our own people.”

In his passing moments, he had only one prayer: “Look after all these brothers who are living with You at Your feet. These institutions have already been offered to You and I know You will look after. Please do look after my brothers as well. These have come trusting me in Your name and have dedicated their lives. Let them lead lives of fulfilment.” I assured him that I will look after all the people and the institutions.

What has happened in the last five years as per the prayers of Narayan Bhat, double of it will happen in the next five – this means if only 10 new district campuses have come up in the last five years, 20 more will come up in the next five. With that, there will be a school in each district of Karnataka.  And before My Avatar samaya (the time period of the Avatarhood) ends, I will see to that the word given to Narayan Bhat is fulfilled to the last letter. In times to come, there is much glory to be witnessed by each one of you. 

In this Karma bhumi, we all have to engage in some action for the sake of engaging in. But let us engage in the actions that purify our heart. All of you must take an oath that you will engage in actions, which will be for serving and helping others and thereby you will all go closer to God and remain eternal in the hearts of mankind. Be example to others in the society. Lead a life in line with the teachings of the founder of these great institutions and gain glory while you are on this earth.