Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

God is bound only by love-Divine Discourse Summary on November 24, 2016

His hands and feet are everywhere; His eyes and face is everywhere; His head is everywhere; He presides the entire universe; He resides in everything in the entire universe. It will be an act of ignorance if we declare that God resides here and does not reside there. It will be a greater act of ignorance if we declare that God does this and does not or cannot do that. And it will be the greatest of the ignorance to decide what God should be doing and what God should not be doing.

God, who pervades this entire universe right from the basic atom to the entire cosmos is bound by no law. But yes, He does operate bound by the only law of love. It is only to love that He bends, it is only to love that He concedes, it is only out of love that He acts and it is only love that can bind Him. God too expects nothing else from anyone else except for this love and gratitude for all that God does. We tell thank you to everyone we look around. But do we tell thank you to God who has given away everything without any expectations? God does not expect thank you in words from anyone. But what He does look for is the gratitude in your heart that must express itself as an act of love. And this love is all that God expects for which He stretches out His hand to receive. 

No amount of payment or gifts or any kind of other physical objects can match the hard work, the sincerity and devotion of all the workers that are associated with the Ashram. But as a token of love and gratitude on behalf of the entire Ashram and the devotees, we have decided to build a shelter – residences – for all of them ‘Premashray” within the campus. And soon as the building gets ready, I will personally hand over the apartments to each one of them so that they can live comfortably, conveniently and serve with greater joy and enthusiasm.

Not only that, their children are all being educated in our institutions absolutely free of cost. Within a year, the daughter of our cook, who is studying in Prasanthiniketanam Campus is going to pass her exams and will go for her higher studies in the field of medicine. And I will take the responsibility of her higher education till she graduates and becomes a doctor. She desires to serve in Swami’s hospitals. I am here to look after those who serve My children and serve My devotees. Those who think of nothing else but Me and worship Me through their work ,their welfare is looked after by Me, and I bear the responsibility of their welfare. 

It gives Me great joy to share with you all that the hospital in Delhi was made ready within a very short span and now in a short while it is going to start screening the children for their heart ailments as well as preparing them to perform surgeries. This will become not only a cardiac surgery hospital but also a research centre, which will endeavor to find out the causes for congenital heart diseases even while the baby is forming in the womb of the mother. 

I bless that all you children study well, work hard, learn these skills and serve the society in the field of education, healthcare, social services and all other services that will help the mankind.