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Divine Discourse Summary on November 27, 2016

Divine Discourse Summary on Nov 27, 2016

Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani International Center for Child Heart Care and Research Opening

The great culture of India considers the whole world as one family. And the most important member of the family is not the oldest but the youngest. And it is the responsibility of all the others to look after the welfare, the well-being of the youngest member of the family. This hospital today has been set up to serve the youngest member of this great family of the world – the child. A child is not merely the responsibility of the biological parents to whom it is born or to the family to which it belongs. It is also the responsibility of the entire society. Good health that enables the child to acquire good education and thereby lead a balanced life of both the worldly and the spiritual is the most important gift that the society needs to give to every single child that is born on this earth. 

To further this cause of good health and good education, the mission continues. For those who think that Baba came and Baba went, it is yet another way of telling and reassuring them that Baba is around: in you, above you, below you, around you, within you. 

On this day last year, we embarked on starting this new institution of child heart care and research. Here, we are endeavoring to not just cure what has gone wrong but also put efforts to not allow things to go wrong even before the child is born. Today, as we stand here to open this hospital, which has just taken birth – birth from the womb of time and is yet to grow into its glory which will follow soon – we are happy that it is born and it has started breathing. And in times to come, it will grow into a glorious servant of the nation, serving all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nation and geographies. It will embrace everyone in its hold and give its very best to each and every one who comes in. It is a heart-shaped hospital – the heart is known to be the seat of God. ‘Hridayanivasi’ is what God is called and this hospital will truly become the seat of God. With God’s grace and human efforts, in the times to come, this hospital will become the most important centre of research and cardiac care in the whole of the world, not merely in India. 

In two years, we will all gather again in another part of the country, way down in the south to open another hospital in Maharashtra. Just believe in what I say, step forward in unity and miracles will follow. This is just the beginning of many more to come, not just all over India but around the world too. There will be many, many health projects, education projects to serve the children.