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What is Dharma? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 09, 2017

What is Dharma? – Divine Discourse Summary – March 09, 2017

What is Dharma?

In the Bhagavad Gita, it is stated that it is good if one dies in one’s own Svadharma rather than in another’s Dharma, Paradharma. To practise one’s own Dharma is the ultimate goal of our life. What is Dharma? Dharma is that which bears the world or creation. Dharma is that which is the basis of all our lives. For every individual who is born in the world, God has given a  Dharma. If that individual practises the Dharma granted to him by God and finds fulfillment, there is nothing greater for him to achieve. 

Dharma can be described in many ways. The first and foremost is the individual Dharma. The second is the family Dharma. The third is the societal Dharma. The fourth one is the national Dharma. The highest Dharma is the Dharma that every individual born in this world should practise – that is, Manava Dharma.The word ‘Manava’ means ‘he is not new’. All of us know that the body has come newly and mind keeps changing every moment. Therefore, it gets new thoughts and feelings every moment. So, we can easily understand what is not new does not apply to body and the mind. Therefore, Manava Dharma truly means the Divine Dharma. What is this Divine Dharma? It is nothing but Prema Dharma or Dharma of love. Therefore, the Dharma of love or Prema Dharma is higher than all types of Dharma. The basis of all Dharmas is this love or Prema

Action which is bereft of love cannot become Dharma. If you are a teacher, that is your individual duty and you may teach the students but if you don’t teach with love, it cannot be Dharma, it will become a means of livelihood.

When many people meet us, tell us anything, we should not give up our Dharma, we should continue to practise our Dharma. Where there is Dharma, there is Krishna. Where there is Krishna, there is victory. For the sake of a family, we can sacrifice an individual; for the sake of society, you can sacrifice a family; for the sake of a nation, you can sacrifice society; for the sake of the world, you can sacrifice nation; finally for the sake of God, you should be ready to give up even the world.