Easwaramma day message – Summary of Divine Discourse on 06 May, 2016

Among the 84 lakh species, is there any creature that is born without a mother? The life principle in every being is the testimony of the mother. If you think there is any love that can match the love of God, it is only the love of a mother. A mother before giving birth to her child undergoes great pain but when the child is born, it is turned into absolute love for the child. Love does not experience any trouble; when you experience trouble, it means there is no love. Only mothers have the deservedness to shower that kind of absolutely selfless love similar to God. Based on this, the Vedas declare that Mother is God. Mother shows the child the Father, Father shows the Teacher, and Teacher shows God. Therefore, in order to attain God realisation, we have to follow the Mother’s word.

Whether it was Kausalya, Jijabai, Putlibai or Easwaramma, they got divine personalities as their children because of their great devotion to God. Easwaramma was always immersed in worship of God. Though she was born in a very poor family, she had the great treasure of devotion and because of her innocence and great devotion, God became her child.

I asked My mother, Easwaramma, “What do you want?” She prayed, “I don’t want anything for myself. Here children from Puttaparthi are walking long distances to attend school. If You build a small school here, I will be happy.” Swami then asked His mother, “I will definitely start a school here. But where do I start the school?” She said, “I have a small piece of land in our backyard. I will give that land to You, Swami, please start the school there.” And it was because of her sacrifice that we started the first school in Puttaparthi. The seed was sown on that day and now that seed has grown into a huge tree sheltering many students from India and abroad and granting and imparting free education. She was very broad-minded and would have great concern for anybody who came from anywhere. Normally the crowd was more in Easwaramma’s place than Mandir itself. She not only loved Me but everybody. Therefore, we have to develop that selfless love and sacrifice that makes us think that everybody belongs to us.

Today we have established a committee for educating girls in Karnataka. There will be ten campuses in ten districts. Next year we will start another girls’ campus in the district of Gadag. Each campus will have 500 girls studying up to high school. Thus throughout Karnataka, up to 5,000 girls will receive free, values-based, spiritual education. Why is Swami doing all this? If one man is spoilt, maybe his family will get spoilt; but if a woman is spoilt, the whole world will be spoilt. Along with material education, we also need to give spiritual education. We should impart knowledge and awareness about Indian culture. Only when we develop such all round personalities, they will lead a balanced life.  In June, we are going to Alike to start the Prasanthi Niketanam Pre-University College for girls there.

My Mission is like the Ganges River. It flows by itself; nobody can help it flow or stop it. But if you take part in this Mission, you are sanctifying your own lives. I have always been declaring, “My children, My students are My property.” I can do My work through you. Whether I have My body or not, I will deem your bodies to be My bodies and through you, I am going to impart education to many, many children. Giving up the narrow feeling of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, we should develop feelings of ‘we’ and ‘ours’. We should not do what we like, but do things that God likes. When we get together and serve society, we come nearer to God.

To all the mothers who are seated in this place, if you think that your children belong to you it is a mistake. You have to love everybody thinking that every child is yours. All this is temporary. All wealth, treasure, youth, everything is temporary. If you look at the reason why we adore Easwaramma, it is because of her sacrifice. Easwaramma attained immortality because of her sense of sacrifice. All parents should develop a selfless feeling and tell their children to serve society. On this Easwaramma day, parents should try and develop broad-mindedness, selflessness and devotion and see to it that children are molded in the right way by the teachers.

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