Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

For the sake of Divine Mother, be ready to sacrifice anything – Summary of Divine Discourse on 28 August 2016

A person does not have just one mother, the physical mother or the Dehamata. There are other mothers too who foster each one of us. Gomata, which represents the entire creation of animals, represented by one of the most sacred ones, a cow, which gives everything selflessly like a mother in order to help you grow. Then there is Deshamata, the land, the country in which you are born, which gives you all that you need in order to grow and develop. You also have the Vedamata, the mother that provides you with the wisdom of this world and that of the other.  The educational institutions that provide you both the worldly education as well as the spiritual education are the real mothers. Above all is Daivamata, the Mother Divine, who resides in all as love and sacrifice and stands for the principle of Atma in each and every being.

Having received such selfless love, it is our duty to serve all the five mothers who have given birth to one’s entire personality and reciprocate it with our love too. But for selfish pursuits, abandoning these five mothers and seeking only worldly things is a disrespect to the love that has been showered upon us by these mothers.

The mother who gives birth does not want to tell her troubles to you; only wants to make you happy. Mother Nature gives only for our sake, does not take one thing in return. We are all the citizens of some country or the other. No man can survive alone. Vyashti, the individual must join the Samashti or the society in order to reach Parameshti or the Divine. Individual can be sacrificed for the family’s sake, family can be sacrificed for society and society can be sacrificed for the sake of the nation; and the nation can be sacrificed for the benefit of the world; and world can be sacrificed for attaining God. Therefore, of all the five mothers, highest is the Divine Mother. For Her sake, one must be ready to sacrifice anything. 

So many of our teachers today in our institutions were students of the yesteryears. Today with the gratitude to this Vedamata,  they have joined these institutions to continue giving this gift of education to their younger brothers and sisters. Because this is the gratitude that our students are showing, I am able to expand this mission and serve and help more and more of their younger brothers and sisters.

That child whose finger the mother held and helped walk, today it is holding the hand of Mother and taking the Mother forward. What greater pride can a parent have than to know and feel proud that her own children have grown up now to support them? All should be like this. All children should be like this. You go, learn many things from many places, but come and serve your country. If we fail in our duty towards this, there is no greater sin.