Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

Give up selfish desires and perform one selfless act a day – Summary of Divine Discourse on 14 February, 2016

When we look at creation we see many things but not the one God who is behind everything. With our physical eyes, we can only see multiplicity and diversity in creation.  When you look inward, you know that there is only one Atma, which pervades every one of us. Without knowing yourself, it is not possible for you to know others.

When you have God, who can grant you both devotion and liberation, why do you go after worldly life? You should also know what exactly to ask from God. He will give you whatever you ask. God resides in a mind, which is full of innocence and purity. Therefore, first and foremost, we have to give up our selfish desires. When you ask from God, ask for the welfare and happiness of everyone. From Svaartha (selfishness) we have to go to Paraartha (selfless service) and then go to Paramaartha (God).

If you want to attain everything in one day, it is difficult. But gradually, we have to progress. Every day involve yourself in some selfless service; ultimately, you will become completely selfless. In the journey of life, less luggage is more comfort. When you have more attachments, your journey will be slowed down. It won’t be comfortable also. You just keep as much as you really need. You should not be greedy aspiring for more and more things.

If you really want to compare yourself with others, compare with someone who is behaving with complete selflessness, love and patience. The first comparison that you should do is with yourself. You have to ask yourself: How was I yesterday? Have I progressed? Have I developed any good quality today? To some extent, the inner enemies such as desire, greed, anger, jealousy and infatuation, have they reduced today?

Only with one thorn can you remove another. Therefore, this thorn of attachment has to be removed with attachment towards God. Where there is ‘I’, there is no Sai; wherever there is Sai, there is no ‘I’. When you make yourselves nothing, then everything will get into you. All the time we should keep telling ourselves “Not me, but You.”

The inhalation and exhalation always create the sound So-ham. At moments of confusion and lack of clarity, you just wait a moment, focus on your own breathing, then you know what is the truth.  For the body, food gives energy. For mind, it is the breath that gives energy. When the mind goes out of control, try to focus on your breathing, slow down your breath, then mind also will slow down.

I am only a doctor; I have diagnosed your disease and I can give you a diet and medicine, but I can’t really do anything if you don’t take the diet and medicine. Only when you put in your effort, you will realize the truth and derive happiness.