Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

God remembers the good thing or the bad thing that you do? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, Kharghar – November 26, 2019

Every little thing we do for anybody it goes a long way in changing the world. Today there are hundred happier families than what there could have been. I saw a pre-operative ward and a post-operative ward. I go to pre-operative; there is tension, anxiety, fear in the faces of all the mothers. Go to the post-operative ward; there is joy, celebration, in fact you don’t even think it is a hospital. Here we have Medical Coordinator, Dr. Srinivas, he said some many families came down here to settle, he was the first family to come down here. He, his wife, now both the daughters also, son-in-law is also here. That is the wonderful team that they are. And all the other young boys have come, girls have come, they have joined, and I saw such spirit in each one of them that they want to do more, they want to do better. I saw that warrior attitude in all of them. So happy they are. That is most important culture of our institutions. People before they make others happy, they should be happy in these institutions.

If you have happiness in your own heart that you are working for such a noble cause, this mission, only then can you share happiness with others. If you yourself don’t have happiness, how can you give others? So that is the idea that you be happy first, considering what a wonderful work this is. When you do God’s work, God does your work. He will look after all your things even if you do a little. Just yesterday while speaking to some of the devotees, I was telling them, you do hundred wrong things, but you do one good thing, God will remember that one good thing. But in the world, you do hundred good things and do one wrong thing, world will remember only that one wrong thing. If you do one good thing for God, that is enough to please God’s heart. And He will grace you with abundance. That is the idea of service.

My simple wish on this day, as a gift to this hospital is, let us all build a good staff quarters for our doctors, nurses and all paramedic staff. A good building where all of them can reside comfortably and they don’t have to travel. They will become tired and they cannot give their best. Whatever little they earn, most of it will go away in accommodating themselves. So, it is a waste of money, energy, time, in every way of you think. It will do a lot good to the hospital that they don’t have to travel long distances especially in a city like Mumbai, traffic can be too much. Rainy seasons are a nightmare to travel during rainy seasons and coming is absolutely difficult. So let us gift this Birthday gift to the hospital.