Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How are we to serve in Swami’s Educational Institutions? – Divine Discourse Summary – Chairman’s Meeting – January 12, 2018

Selflessness is divine and Divine is indestructible. Therefore, selflessness is indestructible. Selfishness cannot last for too long. To rejuvenate, to protect and reestablish India’s spiritual legacy of Atma vidya, this is why we are putting these institutions in place. When our children ask, “Sir, what are we to do?” “You also become like me.” And when we tell that with great confidence, with great pride, with great joy and also great humility that we are like this, you also become like this, they will feel inspired. By living that joy, by living that AtmanandaBrahmananda, Paramananda in your daily life because of the pure life, because of the good life, because of the Dharmic life that you are leading, by that alone you can truly inspire our children of generations and generations. They will inspire the other and those will inspire the other. That is how it is going to be forever. Anybody who is doing good, I am right behind them to help them do the good. That is why never lose confidence in yourself. By Nidarshana not Pradarshana alone that is not by exhibition but example, you will be able to teach the next generation of children. 

Some changes, some movement, some transfers will happen. I am going to select some good teachers, some good wardens, some principal and I am going to send them here and there wherever the need is more. And what should the others do behind? “One of my brothers has gone to help another brother of mine. One of my sisters has gone to help another sister of mine. So I have no worry. Yes, I will take care of whatever is there by my own effort, by my own Prayatna, my own efforts I will look after.” With that confidence, we should be able to say.  That all the elders must realise. For younger ones, I will send you here, there, wherever I say. Whatever Swami says is right, wherever He says to go, I will go, I have no attachment, I have nothing of my own. Na aham, na aham, na aham. That is the feeling younger generation also should develop. 

Be detached with anything. Only attached to Swami and what Swami says. Everything else you should detach from. How will you serve? By your conduct. By your conduct you have to serve. They look at you they see “What glorious boys, how wonderful they are, how divine they are. I also aspire to be like them.” That aspiration should come naturally to them. That kind of inspiration you must create wherever you are. That is most important. Don’t take the burden of running the mission. That is not possible for you. Mission is run by Me. You are only witness; you are only passengers in this train. If you surrender, I will take charge of everything. I will take care of everything.