How are you contributing to create the golden age? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 02, 2017

Just as a piece of stone has the divine idol within, likewise each one of you is truly Me. The only difference is there are too many other unwanted aspects that cover the idol of divinity, which is within. You already are that. You have to realise it, believe it and have firm faith in yourself. That is the basis of your self confidence to do all the work. Believing in that will give you all the strength, all the capabilities, all the intuitions, all the insights that are necessary for you to do what you have set out to do. Lot of great things, lot of amazing things, divine things are going to happen in the future. Consider yourself absolutely blessed for you have gained this opportunity which does not come to even sages and Yogis despite many births of yearning and meditation. It has come to you singularly by Swami’s compassion and grace.

If your elders have done this well, you will do it better. That is the trust and confidence that I have in you. Set an example for your younger ones by being what you have to be. Remember that you cannot do any of this work all by yourself. There are so many people behind you, around you who help you to do what you can do. Remember to be always grateful and carry gratitude for everyone. Use everything that is given to you for the benefit of others, for your own growth and development, for the development of the institutions and grow. You have come out of the nursery now. You are being planted in the garden where you will grow into mighty trees that will give shade, shelter fruits and relief to the wary passers by. Grow into these mighty trees, unshaken in their roots, tall and wide in their thinking and all encompassing, all loving in their approach.

I will always be with you. Even before you can think of Me and call on Me, I will be there. Do not fear, do not be worried, do not shake when things are difficult. For your sake, never ask anybody anything. You ask Swami and it will reach you even before you finish your prayers. With this faith, with this fearlessness you must lead your life. I am the happiest today as I am seeing many more of Me reflecting in you all and that gives Me great joy. Ekoham Bahusyam – It was the One who became many.  And that is what is happening even today. You are all becoming images of that divine self. And as you spread and encompass the entire world, no one can stop from this Golden Age to happen, nobody can obstruct this transformation that must take place in humanity. Be fearless, be selfless.