Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can God say, “I love you” to the hungry person? – Divine Discourse Summary – California, USA – June 24, 2019

Have I told you lately that I love you? (God) just wants selfless and fearless people. And where we have selfless and fearlessness, sky is the limit. Anything and everything can be achieved by being selfless and fearless. Unless you are selfless you will never know what Divinity is. You will know only if, only and only if, you try to be like what Divinity is. Divinity is selflessness. And selflessness is not possible without being fearless and fearlessness is not possible without knowing the truth which is God is with us, God is in us, above us, below us, around us. We can always lead our lives fearlessly selflessly. That is one thing that we all must learn; we must put it into practice and see what happens to life after that. It becomes such a joy, it becomes such an adventure, it becomes such an excitement. 

Whatever America does, the rest of the world follows; it is like the engine. And that is why it is important that Americans only lead the way to show the world that they can care, they can share, and they feel for those who have less than what they have. And they do something about it and not merely feel and talk. To you God can come as this experience of love; you feel ‘So Sweet Lord,’ you are singing. That sweet love is what God is. But to a hungry, how do you explain God? To him God has to come as food. To the naked, God has to come as clothes. To the homeless, God has to come as shelter. That is the only way God can tell them that He loves them too. For if He does not do anything about all that they are suffering, how will they know that God truly loves them? How do I go and sing to them, ‘Have I told you lately…?’ 

So to those, show this love, this God’s love which is there in each one of you. Don’t show it only to Me; I know it. Show it to those who need to see, who need to know. Therefore, the only, request, the only appeal, the only command for those who can take, be selfless, be fearless, be an example. To everyone; not only in this country but to the whole of the world. Remind yourself that we are all born for a purpose, purpose to realise our Divinity and how do we do it? By being selfless. By being able to serve others who are in need. That is the secret. The rest is all secondary. The rest is all inconsequential. Let us do that. That is most important. How do we become selfless? One day we cannot suddenly become…every day do little little things, selfless things, consciously you do. And one day you will completely live a selfless life.