Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can problems in society be resolved? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 17, 2018

It has been said in the Upanishads that this body has been given only for service. This body is best used when it is an instrument for serving others. It is only because of the spirit of sacrifice and service of the doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers here that this hospital is where it is today. And with Baba’s grace, when this hospital celebrates its tenth anniversary three years from now, it will be among the world’s best pediatric cardiac hospitals. This is His blessing. And we must all be ready for this. 

His abundant blessings are also on this state because this is where He established the first pediatric cardiac hospital. And now, as Baba says, when the government, society and the institutions work together, it is only then that problems can be resolved. And, today we have the first such example where the government, society represented by the devotees and well-wishers and the institution have come together to take the next step forward.

There is not much to say because the work speaks for itself. The Honorable Chief Minister has assured that he is at every step, with the hospital and will support the institution in future too. We are extremely grateful to him. 

And another nice thing.  A little three-year-old boy, a year ago when he was two years old, had come to see the hospital with his father. And today, on his birthday, he has brought his savings from his piggy bank and he said, “Baba, this is for the children in the hospital that I had seen a year ago. I have brought this for the children I had seen.” So, on Baba’s invitation, he has come here from Bangalore – the little three-year-old boy – his name is Ram. He has come to contribute his collected savings to the hospital.

I request the Honorable Chief Minister to receive his contribution on behalf of the institution. 

Little children are inspired by the spirit of sacrifice of the elders. Today, several of Bhagawan’s students and medical students are here and they have taken a vow to participate in Baba’s mission in the sphere of education or medicine.

Again, with blessings to all and expressing our gratitude to all, I conclude.