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How can teachers transform the educational system? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 27, 2017

How can teachers transform the educational system?

In our educational system, we learn many subjects. All those subjects are required but they can only give us livelihood. It can never fetch us perfect wisdom. The education that make us immortal is the ultimate education. True education is the education of the soul or Atma vidya. Everyone wants to have morality in society but how do we get morality in society? Morality in society can come only when we develop Atmabhimana, love for the Atma, love for the Divine. 

People study all kinds of education, attain lot of scholarship, they bloat with lot of pride and arrogance but they never become selfless. Any education which does not teach us to help others is not education at all. If you want to develop that kind of sacred feeling in your hearts, it is necessary that the basis of education should be spirituality. It is very essential that we know God exists in everyone. As teachers when we know that it is the same God who resides in all children,resides in our colleagues and everyone else, we can love everyone. When you look at things externally, there may be differences but when you look within, there is only one principle. 

You may become a scholar in any number of scriptures, any kinds of education. If you don’t attain love in heart, everything is a waste. First thing, love for God; second thing, love for everyone. When we love both these, our education will become complete. Spirituality is nothing but love. That is what we have to teach in our education. Just because you tell them ‘Love All’, nobody is going to love all. Only when we give love, they will learn love and give it back to us. You love them selflessly; they will also love you selflessly. If you don’t have love in your heart, how can you give your love to others? Only when there is water in the tank, it will flow out of the taps. The teachers should be like tanks full of water of love. When they are full of love, naturally this love will flow in their thought, word and deed.

Teachers who don’t have devotion to God, who don’t have love in their hearts are not teachers at all. They are not useful to society. Teachers may at times undergo lot of hardships, but they should look after their students with love. You may not learn anything at all but if you develop this selfless love for everybody, then every one will love you and you will become dear to all.