Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can we attain purity of mind? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 20, 2017

We need to undertake only such actions which will take us on the god-ward path by purifying our minds. We need to withdraw ourselves from those actions that bind us to the world and drown us in the delusion of the world. Wherever there is purity, Divinity will manifest. After having done all these (going to temples, involving ourselves in singing of Bhajans, adoring and worshiping), if selfless pure love does not emerge in your heart, everything is a waste of time. What is this purity of mind? Selfless love itself is purity of mind. If you want to attain selfless love, what is that we have to do? We need to keep away from our selfishness and self-interest.

Whether you believe it or not, God is there in every atom of the creation.Only believing in God’s existence is not faith. True faith and true devotion is believing in God and knowing that He will look after your welfare. People with devotion should not have any kind of fear. When somebody has fear, it means he doesn’t have devotion. Therefore, you have to develop devotion and not fear.  Only those people who have this kind of courage are My true devotees. Spiritual path is not for everybody. It is there only for those who have this kind of strong faith and courage. Those with fear will never attain spirituality. If you investigate, where does fear arise from, you will know that it is because of our selfishness. Why are we selfish? We don’t know the truth. That is why we are selfish.

We don’t become devotees by just wearing clean clothes or repeating Bhajans like parrots. Even without all this, if the devotees have purity of mind – internal purity- I like them. You have to develop such purity. In a place where service is necessary, in spite of all hardship we should go to such places and serve. For serving such poor people, we should be ready to sacrifice anything. Due to fear of death, if you don’t enter the path of service, you are not My devotees. Whatever happens, if you have the faith that “Swami will look after us. We have to listen to Swami, obey Him,” really they will not have any fear. Only for such people, I will look after their welfare. Without any fear, without any worry, they always think of Me. We want such people. If you want to become true devotees, you should have complete faith, no kind of fear and you should obey God’s teachings.