Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can we become pure? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Premaniketanam, Bijapur, Karnataka – July 25, 2019

To listen to the voice of God, to listen to His words, to listen to His songs is the greatest joy. In that, listening to the words of Sai whose words are like dipped in honey, sweet as that, is even more joyful.  More fragrant than the flowers, sweeter than the smile of a baby are the words of Sai. Whatever you study is Grantham, books. But what Sai says is Gandham, fragrance. To read books and understand these truths requires a lot of effort. However, to listen to the words of Sai is as simple, as easy as smelling a fragrant flower, no effort, because He makes the greatest of the truths very very simple to understand. 

Who can find God? Those who love God like the Gopis and Gopalas of Brindavan, they will find God very easily. They had no other thought in their mind. Whatever they did, they chanted ‘Krishna, Krishna.’ For them, beginning was Krishna, middle was Krishna, end was also Krishna; they did not know anything beyond Krishna. They had such kind of devotion; therefore, they could realise that Krishna was Paramatman. Devotion is such. Once you develop that, your hearts will become full of purity, you will always be in a state of bliss, you will become very very pure. When you have devotion for God, you become pure, you become sacred, you become blissful, you become immortal, nothing touches you then. All the time, everywhere, in all ways you should remember God. Then no bad thoughts will ever touch you. If bad thoughts are coming means we have forgotten God. Let us start Namasmarana once again. If you are sincere in your prayer to Swami, even if you fall, Swami will come, lift you up and help you walk again. He won’t leave your hand.  

If you remember God all the time, no scope of bad thoughts, bad words, bad deeds. Just in case you forget and some bad happens, immediately start chanting name again. Bad will run away. You don’t have to chant it loudly and let everybody know that you are a great devotee; chant it in your heart. Bhakti we should not do Pradarshana – show off of Bhakti, it should be Nidarshana, it should be a way, it should be a path to God.  That much you do. You will be safe, you will be fine all your life. But remember when you chant the name of the Lord, the form also is with you, the Lord is right next to you, don’t forget that. Therefore, the moment you say, “Krishna,” better know that Krishna is there somewhere, you may not see but he is around you. I am giving you a simple solution. You should understand that well, and practise it every day. Do Namasmarana. That is enough.