Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can we best utilize the body given to us? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 03, 2017

As long as this Atman resides inside this body and energises it to do all its work in the world, the body gets its value. The moment Atman decides to leave this otherwise immovable body, nobody even appreciates it (the body). It is this Atman alone, which shines within each individual and makes the person capable of achieving all that one achieves in this world and beyond. Till the body is given up by this Atman, one continues to go about doing things in the world. And at the point of death, it is this Altman, which leaves the otherwise moving body and makes it totally immovable. And all the Pranas that accompany this Atman and the various other aspects of the mind, each one of it leaves step by step till the body has no more life in it and it continues to decay.

No one knows other than God as to what time this body has to be given up, in which place it has to be given up, in what circumstances it has to be given up. So while there is still time and you are alive, you have to ensure that every moment is spent in the best possible way. The people who lead their lives by Satva guna, by purity, they are the ones who can control their passion and control their laziness and use this time of human birth in the right way. Human beings are given a certain period of life within which they must realise their true self. Failing to achieve this is a waste of precious human life. The body must be taken care of because it is an instrument that will help you to grow towards God. Giving rest, giving food, taking proper care of health, all these are necessary for the body to function properly and allow you to do your work. Be grateful every day that God has given you another day to work out or to undertake the practices that will help you become closer to your true self.

Put every effort to utilise every moment in order to become closer to your Divine reality. This body has to be used in service of others. Do not postpone to do good things; do them immediately as it comes to you. Yes, if you get an evil thought or thoughts which are not Divine in nature, postpone it. Use this body in the best way, which is to love all, serve all. And if you sleep tonight and you wake up tomorrow, be grateful to God that He still thinks that you can use this body well and therefore He has given you another day. He still trusts you that you will do good work with this body that He has given you and therefore, He has granted you another 24 hours. This is how you must think.