How can we invite God into our hearts? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Kendra, Muddenahalli – July 23, 2017 (Morning)

All you have to do is to invite God, the rest God will do for Himself and He will make sure that He is there. Body is the temple of God and the one who is the in dweller is God Himself. Just like how you have prepared this building, your rooms, your hostel and everything else so that Swami can come and visit, there is a need to prepare one’s own persona, one’s own self to be worthy recipient of God’s presence. At all times, in all places, in all situations you must be thinking of God. Swami came today, the whole building started shining, your faces started shining, your clothes started shining. Likewise, whenever, wherever, whatever you are doing, be conscious that Swami is always with us, Swami is always within us, always without us –Inside, outside and everywhere else, God alone resides.

If you are constantly aware of this feeling that God is with us, then we will always be ready, we will always be clean, we will always be pure, we will always be kind, we will always be loving. All good things will come when you believe that God is with us.

All the time pray to Swami. “Swami should be with us and we should always be with Swami.” Both of us should go hand in hand. I always say, “Do not walk in front of Me, I may not follow; do not walk behind Me, I may not lead. But walk with Me, walk with Me.” Let us walk hand in hand all the time – you with Me and I with you. Then always we will be happy. As long as this devotion, love for God is burning in our hearts, there is no scope for anything negative to come into your lives. The moment we forget God, this flame of love stops burning within, that is the moment all the negativity comes and troubles us. You have to protect this pure light of this lamp of love that you have lit here in these institutions by putting your right and left hand around the flame so that it does not get blown away by the winds. One side is Sarva Karma Bhagavad Preetyartham, the other hand is Sarva Karma Phala Tyagam. Do everything for the love of God and offer everything to God. It will make sure that your path is always lit up, you don’t have any darkness around you and there is no scope for you to be bitten by the negative Gunas.

Fear of doing the wrong things, love for God and morality in your behavior – these three things one must learn in our institutions. Even if they have not learnt anything, if they have learnt these things, I will consider that our institutions have served these children well.