How can we love God all the time? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 14 July 2016


Many children make many pieces of art to please Swami. As I was walking, I saw a child who had drawn a picture of Lotus Feet. Where was this Lotus Feet before it appeared on paper? It was there in the child’s mind. It was only a feeling without a form. But when the child wanted to express his feeling, he took a piece of paper, pencil and colours and drew the Feet that were in the mind on to the paper. What was there in the mind of the child with no particular form has now expressed itself in the form of a picture. Now when the boy looks at the picture, he is so happy – he admires it, loves it and even takes pride in showing it to others. Therefore, it is the love inside the child, which has expressed itself in the form of the painting or the picture. Similarly, the love of God, which too was formless, manifested itself in the form of the creation. The whole purpose of the creation was so that Lord can love Himself in His creation and the creation should be able to love the Lord as its creator.

But how are you going to love God? Shravanam, Keertanam, Vishnusmaranam, Vandanam, Arachanam, Padasevanam, Dasyam, Sakhyam, Atma Nivedanam – in nine ways one is able to express one’s love towards Lord.

Does God love you only at certain times, only on certain days or only in certain weeks and months? No, no! Through all His creations, He is showing His love to humanity. It is every moment of every day. Therefore, we must also love God in every moment of our life.

How can we love God all the time just like how He loves us all the time? Very simple! Sarva karma bhagavad preetyartham. Whatever you do, do it for the love of God. When you go for bath; you think, “This body is given by God. Therefore, I must look after the body well, keep it healthy, keep it clean.” So offer your bath, offer your cleaning everything to God. When you study, you have to think “This is an opportunity given by the Lord so that I can become an able person, not merely noble. And with my knowledge and abilities, I can serve ten others. Thereby I can serve the Lord.” Therefore, in one form or the other, as long as you will do everything for the love of God and not for your selfish desires, you will be able to love God. But the moment you start thinking, “I must decorate myself in order to look better than the other person; I must study so that I can get higher marks than the other person” – when such selfish thoughts come, then it is no more love for God, it is only your selfish desires. Therefore, the way you think about what you are doing defines the purpose. This way you will be able to fulfill the purpose of creation.

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