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How can we transform our Gunas to help us become selfless? – Divine Discourse Summary – July 02, 2017

How can we transform our gunas to help us become selfless?


The whole world is governed by the three principles – Rajasikam, Satvikam and Tamasikam. The whole of this cosmos nothing but the dance of these three qualities. Those who have more of Tamasik qualities are more inert in their nature. Neither they go outward nor they go inward; they stay as they are. They are blind to all kinds of things. Rajas is nothing but passion and attachments. They are driven by their desires and their attachments and thereby constantly are engaged in actions that are only outward in nature. Satvik quality is the key for success on the spiritual path. The very fundamental basis of this Satvik quality is the selflessness with which they do whatever they do. They use the Tamas in them – that is, the rest in them- in order to only work better later. They sleep little, they eat little, they rest little, just enough to rejuvenate themselves to do their good work further. Thus, by their pure nature, even, so to say, negative quality of Tamas also turns positive for them.

To undertake any action in this world, a bit of Rajas is important. Whether you eat, whether you walk, whether you talk, whether you study, you play, or do any kind of work in this world, you need Rajas in order to undertake the action. But their Rajas is bereft of all kinds of attachments and selfishness. They only use their body in order to undertake actions that are in accordance to the laws of Dharma. They are able to convert this quality of Rajas, which otherwise leads to bondage, into something that leads to freedom. All this is possible because not merely they have an outward vision but more importantly, they have an inward vision which seeks the real truth behind all that is around us. It is this fundamental principle of purity which is born out of selflessness that converts their other qualities also into purer ones.

Extreme of Tamas, extreme of Rajas leads to bondage. Students should not be lazy, should not spend too much time in rest, sleep and things like that which are born out of Tamas. Such kind of laziness and inaction must be conquered by the quality of Rajas which drives you into purposeful action. For Me, spirituality means ‘Hands in society, Head in the forest’. The body, the mind, the senses should be constantly engaged in positive action yet complete detachment from all expectations. Our joy is in continuously living a life with great Satvik qualities, pure qualities, selfless qualities in order to merge in our true self, Divine Self. And this is not possible unless you develop pure selfless qualities of Satvik which will not be governed by any kind of attachments, any kind of expectations.