Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can you become a good teacher? – Divine Discourse Summary – May 26, 2017 (Evening)

How can you become a good teacher?

Since ancient times in our great motherland education hasn’t been just about livelihood. It has been that which teaches us the goal of life.

 When we give up the narrow-mindedness of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, develop broad-mindedness to think that everybody belongs to us, and therefore, we love and serve everyone  that becomes spirituality. For broad-minded people, the whole world is one family.  Therefore, education is that which confers on us that kind of broad-mindedness by which we know and feel that everybody is one family.

All the tragedies that are happening in the world today is because of selfishness, which makes us think that all people are different, and so don’t belong to us.  If we want to attain world peace, it is important that we expose our children to this kind of education, which says that there is only one Atma and everybody belongs to us.

If we want to conquer all our weaknesses, love for God is very important. Only when you develop love for God, you can develop love for others.

The way we behave and conduct ourselves is exactly how the students will too. First and foremost, teacher should be perfect. When teacher gets perfection, students also can attain perfection.

Children aspire for love. Children may not be interested in knowledge and studying but they will be interested in your love. Therefore, it is necessary you know that these children are children of God and love them selflessly. The most important quality to be developed in teachers is selfless love. Your intelligence, your scholarship and your strength come after that. You will become true teachers when you love all your children selflessly.

Love your children as if they are your own children. Then all the information will lead to transformation and this material education will become spiritual education.