How can you develop divine consciousness? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 19 July 2016

Today is Guru Purnima. It is not just the full moon day; it is the day of completeness, Purnam.

The light that emanates from the moon is not from the moon; it only reflects the light of the sun. The sun shines perfectly all the time, and moon reflects whatever light it gets from the sun perfectly. But because the earth comes in between, we are not always able to see the full shining moon. We see a similar waxing and waning in the mind too. When mind encounters success, it exults; when it meets with pain, it is in despair. Mind does not have its own power; it derives all its power from the Atma. The sun is the Atma, the moon is the mind; when body consciousness comes in between, the mind becomes full of darkness. When the mind is full of the Atmic feeling, it gives us the complete light of wisdom and fills us with bliss. When we keep the mind on the body, then it is full of darkness of ignorance. The inner significance of this Guru Purnima is for us to see to it that body consciousness does not intercede between the Atma and our mind.

If we want to diminish our body consciousness, the first step is to develop social consciousness. When you attain social consciousness, you can also attain divine consciousness – it is I to We, and We to He. If we try to do it, sometimes we may think it is not just possible. That is when the man who is filled with sorrow takes shelter at the feet of the Guru. Only those who experience it, can teach it to you.

On this Guru Purnima day, what is that we can offer to the Guru? Krishna said “Whenever a devotee offers to Me with love, be it a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or a drop of water, I accept it with love.” The real leaf is our body itself. We have to control the body and the senses through the mind and offer service through this body. The true flower is the flower of the heart; there should be the honey of compassion in the flower of heart. Offering all our activities and rewards therefrom is offering of the fruit to God. But to do this, we have to first transform all our activity into good activity. Water is not the tears of sorrow that we shed when we face difficulties in life; it is offering the tears of bliss that we experience by experiencing divinity within ourselves.

When Swami tells us you are an embodiment of bliss and love, we have to completely believe it and make it the basis of our lives. Resolve that you will develop divine consciousness. You can’t attain it in one day. But gradually we can achieve it. Do something good for others every day. Gradually we can get rid of our selfishness, our body consciousness and develop divine consciousness.

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