Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can you perform Yajna every day? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri Celebrations – October 05, 2019 (Day 7)

Everybody must act. But what kind of action must we undertake is the question that we should ask ourselves. To this, our scriptures answer by saying, “Those actions that purify us such are the actions that we must undertake.” These festivals, YajnasHomas are actions that purify us. They help us think of God, they help us think of the welfare of everyone and less about ourselves. It is for the Loka kalyana that we perform these actions. The nature of noble people. They are always concerned, they are always working, they are always acting in order to help others. It is through selfless service alone that man can attain redemption without any expectations whatsoever.

True meaning of Yajna is sacrifice, TyagaTyaga alone is Yaga. So when we lead our lives with sacrifice, thinking of the welfare of others, that is when we are performing true Yajna. So, our actions are full of sacrifice, they are selfless in nature, they themselves become Yajna. The world today needs people who are ready to sacrifice for the sake of others. It is only through sacrifice can we attain immortality. It is through that same sacrifice that we can redeem the world as well. Not that you should not consume anything but consume with a sense of sacrifice. In whatever little way we can sacrifice whatever we have for the sake of making another person, another needy person a little happier, to alleviate somebody’s sorrow and suffering, to grant peace and happiness to another person, then we should think that we are truly living a good life. 

Sathya Sai Baba should be known because of His devotees, His students, His followers for the exemplary conduct that they have in the society. That will be the true tribute to a master. All He needs is that we follow master’s footsteps. He left behind two footprints. Love and service. Love all, serve all. And if we walk on those footprints, that is true Padapuja. Children! The blessing that has been bestowed upon all of you is something that you can’t even imagine at this point in time. The world needs examples to guide them on the right path. And I am looking forward to you who will set this example, the noble examples for others to follow. The kind of example that you will set that is what the world is going to follow. So truly the world today needs exemplary men and women, men and women of character, of high noble conduct so that the rest of the world derives inspiration from these and that is how they also can become better. This is the idea of all the education that we have that should lead us to become people of sacrifice. From time immemorial we were known for our sacrifice, for our Tapas, for our seeking of God. Let it continue forever.