Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can you realise God here and now? – Makara Sankranti Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – January 14, 2019

This principle of God, this omnipresence of God, this all pervasiveness of God cannot be understood by the mind or by the eyes or by the ears or by the nose or by any senses because He is beyond senses and He can be understood only by a pure heart. What is purity? Selfless love is purity. Where there is selfless love, there is God. Those who live their lives in accordance with this kind of pure selfless love, by giving and giving and serving others without expecting anything in return, they alone are eligible, they alone qualify to experience the truth of God. You can realise God here and now by becoming pure, by becoming selfless. 

For all the good things that you want to do in life, good health is the prerequisite, the very basis, Arogyam Mulam Uttamamit is the very fundamental requirement to have good health. Today I am so happy to know that doctors, volunteers through various programmes and through the hospital here are looking after all the pregnant women in Karnataka by various kinds of programmes. They came and told Me that results are very good, their haemoglobin levels have gone up, their strength has gone up, their weight has gone up. In various ways they are serving these women, mothers, and thereby serving children, and that gives Me great joy. See, dear ones, one day or the other, this body is going to fall away. Some day or the other all the wealth that we have acquired will be gone. All our relations will also leave us when we leave this body. But only that which we have done in service to others, the good name that we have earned, the sacrifices that we have made will remain forever and be remembered forever. 

On this day – we call it Sankranti which is about a change. It is a good change. Let all our old habits which are of no use, which are no good, which are not in accordance with our divine nature be burnt in this fire of wisdom and be done away with. Within yourself you think or yourself, what is that which is not good in you? “Before Sankranti, let me burn all these things in this fire of Bhogi and get rid of it once for all.” It is sufficient if you just do some introspection and do it for yourself. Don’t go around advising others about what they have got to burn. Then Sankranti, your mind will move upwards, northwards. This way festivals have inner significance. We must understand that and celebrate it in its true spirit. May this Makara Sankranti bring such auspicious changes that lead you to God, that you take you closer to God.