Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can you recognize the lord in whatever form He is in? – Divine Discourse Summary – November 18, 2018

Lord Narayana manifested Himself in different forms and if you pay close attention, you would notice that He did not shy away from manifesting as a fish or a tortoise or even a boar for the sake of uplifting the mankind and protecting Dharma. If He can manifest as a fish or a tortoise or half-man and half-lion, would He not be capable of manifesting Himself the way He is doing now? The same Lord has decided to manifest Himself in this Sukshma svarupa in order to continue what He had begun and take it to its destined end. Based on the time, place and situations, Lord does make minor changes in order to complete the assignment or the task that He has undertaken.

I had made a promise to Eashwaramma that as long as I am here I am not going to leave this place and go anywhere and I had to keep up the promise. Till the body was there, I could not have done that. But with time and situations as the body weaned away and I was free from the limitations of the body, I could continue My work without breaking My promise. So therefore, I ensured that none of the words were broken, none of the promises were broken, neither the promise to Narayan Bhat nor the promsie to Eashwaramma, both the promises I have kept by playing this Leela nataka of acquiring this Sukshma rupa and continuing the work. I know that those who are pure at heart like these children who are like Prahladas will be able to see through all these external appearances and find their Lord who hides behind. Keep your hearts pure. A pure heart alone is capable of understanding and realising divinity. 

For those who yearn, who crave, who pine for the Lord and Lord’s love, they will find their way to the Lord and the Lord will find His way to them. There is no two ways about it. Therefore, I say, if you truly need Me, you deserve Me. If I am your life-breath, if I am the beat of your heart, if I am the blood that flows in your veins, if I am the breath that goes in and out, if I am the vision of your eyes, if I am the word of your mouth, if I am that which is heard through ears, if I am that which is touched through your hands, if I am everything for you, then I will be there with you in some form or the other and you will be there with Me in some form or the other. Our forms, our names, our places may change but our love will remain the same in all times to come.