Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How can you tide over the crisis of Kali Yuga? – Akhand Bhajan – Divine Discourse Summary – November 11, 2018

Rama Mantram is called as Taraka Mantram, the name of Rama is considered as a Mantra by meditating upon which one can cross over this worldly ocean. To Parvati, Lord Shiva explained thus: O dear Parvati! The Lord Rama’s name is extremely potent, chanting which one gets completely absorbed in it. In fact, chanting one name of Rama is equivalent to chanting thousand other names. Such is the power and the potency of the name of Lord Rama. However, it is not given to everyone to be able to chant the name of the Lord. Unless one has undertaken some penance, some austerities, some good deeds, it is difficult for one to simply develop love for the name of the Lord. If we are able to chant the Lord’s name, we must consider ourselves very fortunate. 

Dear children! As it is in the traffic rules, so it is in the rules of spirituality. Start early, drive slowly, reach safely. Take to this chanting of Lord’s name, make it a habit, make it a daily practice, a continuous practice in your lives. There is no other way other than chanting the name of the Lord, remembering the Lord in this Yuga – Kali YugaThere is no other way unless we remember the Lord and make Him a part and parcel of our daily life, it is impossible to tide over this crisis of time. If you chant his name all the time even in the times of happiness, why would sorrow haunt you at all? So easy, take any name that is of your liking. Rama, Krishna, Govinda, Madhava, Hari, Janradhana, Yeshu, Buddha, Mahavira, whatever name you think is that which your heart resonates with, take that name and take to the chanting and remembering of that name.

Dear children, dear devotees, what more can I tell you on this auspicious conclusion of Akhanda Bhajans than to remember and make this chanting and remembering of God’s name Akhanda continuous, without any stop, without any break, without any pause in your lives. This Nama itself is the Nava, the boat that takes us across this ocean of Samsara. Try out the power and the efficacy of this name if you haven’t done so and you will know for yourself what is the power that is latent in the name of the Lord. You don’t have to chant it loudly. Paramatma is not outside, If somebody is far away, we have to shout out to get his attention but Lord is right within us, within our own hearts. Therefore, a silent remembrance in our own heart is good enough a whisper is more than loud too reach the Lord.