Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How did India remain selfless through the ages? – Divine Discourse Summary – June 4, 2018

It is only the culture of India which taught the whole world the principle of selflessness and self-sacrifice. To live and let live has been the principle of the Indians which they have followed through all times. What made Indians be satisfied and happy with whatever they had?  The reason lies in the great and deep spiritual understanding of life that Indians had from time immemorial. Thousands of Rishis, hundreds of sages and saints have graced this land of Bharata with their presence and their selfless teachings. The great sages and seers of this land were like the gardeners who removed the thorns, who removed the weeds from the hearts of people and sowed the seeds of goodness, love and selflessness.  However, due to want of attention this garden has today become a forest and infested not only by wrong plants or weeds but also by all kinds of animals, insects and other such creatures which are harmful to society. 

What is Sai Baba doing in Karnataka now?  He is exactly doing what these sages and saints of Karnataka had done in the past. He is removing the weeds of selfishness, thorns of greed and hatred and He is sowing beautiful plants and flower and fruit-bearing trees of love, sacrifice and selflessness. And these, He is sowing in the fertile pure hearts of children because they are the future of not only this place or the state or the country but the whole world. The teachers here (Bijapur campus) are like the gardeners who have to tend these pure hearts, take care that these seeds of love and service grow well and they are not eaten away or destroyed by the weeds of selfishness and self-interest. With all the education that you may receive which are necessary to eke out a livelihood in this world, more importantly, develop these pure qualities – these qualities of our Indian culture – that of equality, that of unity, that of love and service. 

Let us live for our country, for our people, for our great land of Bharata and not just for our own selfish sake. This is the education that you must learn, these are the values that you must inculcate, and your parents must be a part of this great venture, this great mission of bringing about a transformation in this country that is going to last forever and will give peace, joy, freedom to generations which are to come. Such parents and such children together can change the fate of this country. Not only this country, change the fate of this whole world if only they become a little more selfless and think more than just about themselves.