Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do oGds receive our offerings in Yagna? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri Celebrations – October 08, 2019 (Day 10)

Tamas is the quality that stops us from putting any effort in life. Durga – Durgati nashini – she destroys this terrible state of Tamas in us. Then we move from being lazy and absolutely in the state of inertia to a state of action, activity. And to do that we need good health, we need good Buddhi, intellect, and for that we pray to Mahalakshmi to grant us the energy to act in the world and to attain or achieve something we need her grace. Rajasik qualities. Excess of it is also no good. From the state of doing bad to doing not much good to the world is no great progress. Actions directed towards the welfare of the society, for Loka kalyana is right action. And this kind of right action alone can make one progress in life in every field and also towards God. Mahalakshmi, grants us that kind of energy, that kind of will-power to undertake actions that are directed towards not just one’s own welfare but the welfare of the entire society. Even when we act for the welfare of others, unless we act in a selfless way, even that action becomes a bondage. Purifying our mind and making it selfless with devotion and surrender, is the Satvik quality. That is what we pray to Mahasaraswati to grant us. So, these three mothers come to our rescue. That is the purpose of Navaratri.

In India, none of the things that we do are simply done. They are all done with great deeper inner significance. And we must try to understand the inner significance behind all these rituals. There is a great spiritual science behind whatever we do. This Yajna is our way of expressing to gods our gratitude. Gods are all in the subtle, in the Sukshma Svarupa. These materials that we put, they transform into energy and through energy, the gods absorb this. And when they receive it, they are pleased and in return their energy converts back into matter and comes as food, comes as rain, comes as various other things that we all need for our existence. These little offerings that we make into the fire which the gods like, comes back to us manifolds for when we need it the most. Mantras have to be chanted correctly, their pronunciation, the deity to which they are addressed. Fire is the postman. Agnidevata is the postman who takes all our prayers to that particular God.

It is My deepest wish that our children should pay attention to these things, our teachers should pay attention to these things and must enquire about the deeper inner significance of whatever we do because only then they will truly enjoy it and derive the bliss therefrom. There are billions of people. Not everybody takes to the path of worship. They are full of Tamas and Rajas. But we are fortunate because we got this opportunity to worship. We are very very fortunate.