How do we become dear to God? – Summary of Divine Discourse on 25 February, 2016

Satsanga or good company does not mean getting into gatherings like this, or involving ourselves in the chanting of the name of God, or singing His glory or even learning some good things or listening to noble discourses. The most important purpose of all these activities is to fill our minds with constant remembrance of God.

In our scriptures, the attainment of proximity to God or sannidhi of God is elaborated in four ways: Saalokya, Saarupya, Saamepya and Saayujya. Only when we develop this kind of satsang wherever we are, can we really develop detachment from worldly cravings. Really nissangatva or detachment means you practice this principle of ‘Head in the forest, Hands in society’. It is to get away from the company of people who always think of worldly desires and worldly pleasures, and get into the company of good people who are on the spiritual path thinking of God and have the urge to know and experience God. True nearness is we getting very close to God in our own minds. If you want to get nearer to God, first thing is you should become dear to God.

Turning the mind which always goes outside, inward to enter our own hearts is Saalokya, entering the world of God. Involving ourselves in activities, which make us dearer to God that is what is Saamepya or getting closer to God. When you get closer to God, you will get the vision of God: that is Saarupya. For attaining those wisdom eyes, Shraddha (sincerity) is very important. With that kind of shraddha if we persist on the spiritual path, we will be able to have the vision of God within ourselves. Once you get this Saarupya within yourself, you merge in God that is Saayujya. And that is also called Jeevanamukti or liberation. Spirituality is not a path of intricacies. It is a very simple path. Only by practicing the principle ‘Love all and serve all’ can we attain spiritual growth and peace of mind. Internally, in your mind, chant the name of God; not externally. In your mind, you keep on chanting the name of God or thinking of Him; it is enough. On one side, think of God and on the other, offer service to God.

Sai doesn’t have a degree. He doesn’t have degree like Ph.D. or MBBS and He is not a real doctor; I have only one qualification: that is love, no other qualification. Through love, I am able to achieve anything. In Delhi, we are going to start a new hospital. That building will be in the shape of a flower. There are four wings in that hospital. At the centre, there is the altar, mandir of Swami. When you keep Swami on the centre stage of your life, everything will go well. It is not going to be just a hospital; it is also going to be a research centre.

By the 95th Birthday, we should dedicate 10,000 surgeries in both Raipur and Delhi and offer it to the motherland. You may not know now but this is going to grow very big. Wherever there is selflessness, you can achieve anything and everything, There is no power higher than selflessness. Love is that selflessness. When we are prompted by selfishness, it is only attachment and not love. Wherever there is pure love, there is Sai; wherever there is Sai, there is success. That is SAI – ‘S’ stands for service, ‘A’ means adoration or devotion, ‘I’ is illumination or wisdom.