Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do we become never to be touched by sin? – Divine Discourse Summary – December 20, 2018

The moment we were born till the moment we die, we all must constantly engage in actions. However, every action also brings a reaction or a consequence along with it. There is only one way to ensure that we do not undergo the consequences of all the actions that we undertake. And that is to offer it to God.  When we undertake actions for the love of God and ultimately, we offer them to God, KrishnarpanamastuIshvararpanamastu, Sayeeshwararpanamastu, then the action and the reaction both reach unto the Lord and there are no consequences that we must experience. Such a person who develops this kind of devotion to the Lord acquired over births of merits, acquired over births of good listening, good deeds, good company will never be touched by sins at all.

In the world today, which is torn apart by strife and struggle, the only hope for the future of humanity are the people with love for God. The whole humanity, the whole society can be sanctified even by the presence of one such person who has love and devotion for the Lord. Such people are the only hope for the society, are the only hope for the future of mankind who sacrifice themselves on the altar of devotion, who lead a life in order to be of some service to the Lord be of some use to the society. For such people do not live their lives for their own sake but they do everything for the sake of others and in turn for the sake of God. Dear embodiments of love, remember that all else will fade away, will vanish, will get destroyed with passage of time but the good that we do, the service that we do unto others, the devotion that we have shown to God, they alone remain permanent and eternal.

Like Father Charles and like many more of such devotees, you youngsters also are on the crossroads in your life. You can choose between a life that you can lead for yourself, make yourself and your people comfortable and happy and give them a convenient and comfortable life, or you choose a path of sacrifice where you think beyond yourself, your family, then the whole world as your own family and work towards their welfare. Remember the decision that you take today at this very crucial juncture would define what happens to your life and to the lives of thousands and thousands others who come in association with you.  May you all choose the right path – the path that leads to God, that leads to the welfare of others, that lead to the emancipation of humanity. May you choose it wisely with discrimination.