Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do we develop purity that brings us closer to divinity? – Navaratri Celebrations – Divine Discourse Summary – October 10, 2018

There is nothing and no one in this universe who is bereft of divinity.  To the Jnani, everything is divine; he perceives everything as divine. To attain God, to experience God who is latent in all of this creation, a process is required, Sadhana must be done. The illiterate, uneducated maidens of Brindavan could understand Divinity better than great Pandits, great scholars, great Rishis who had all the knowledge of the world. Because they had purified themselves of all the negativity, all desires, all selfishness. By doing that, they had developed so much purity that Divinity became their daily experience. Now to develop this kind of purity that leads us to this experience of Divinity, another thing needs to be done. And that is the company of the noble ones, the good people, Satsanga. It is only in the company of the noble people, devoted people, good people that good qualities will emanate from you and the bad will be left back. 

The company of good people, Satsanga, is the first step towards attaining Divinity. When you develop the company of good people, when you are in the company of the noble ones, then you give up the company of those who are not devoted, who are not selfless, who are not pure, Nissangatvam. By developing this kind of good company and thereby reducing unwanted connections, unwanted relations, we develop detachment. And when we develop this kind of detachment from all that is worldly, we develop Nischalatatvam, we understand that eternal constant changeless principle. And that leads us to Jivanamukti, that leads us to our liberation or Mukti from all these worldly ties.  

If it is not possible for you to read lot of scriptures, perform great Yagas or travel to great, difficult places of pilgrimage, do not be disappointed, for, just joining the company of noble people can grant you the boon of all these efforts by taking you all the way to the realisation of your divinity. Though whenever we think of God it definitely yields good results, we definitely benefit from it, but when we do it together in a time like this, very sacred times of Navaratri, its effect multiplies and gives you more benefit, more results than done on any ordinary day. These nine days of Sharada Navaratri culminating in Dussehra in the company of noble people from around the world in Satsanga listening to good things and thereby contemplating and meditating on it can lead you to great results which will be there for you for your entire life to benefit you. You must utilise this opportunity to the best without wasting a single moment in unnecessary activities or talks or thinking. Benefit from all this, become better people, better devotees, better servants of God and thereby redeem yourself and in the process, help others too.