Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do Yogis experience God in Yajnas? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 27, 2017

Having attained this rarest of the human birth, one must be extremely careful in the way one uses it. Every moment that one spends as a human being on this earth must be weighed in gold and spent carefully. This world is consisting of energy and matter. This energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy is a scientific fact. Sunlight that gives energy to the plants becomes the crop for the food. That food helps the man sustain himself and become a part of the human being. However, once the body is discarded, it is burnt back and it again goes back to the earth. Fire is also present as the fire Jataragni in the belly which digests all the food. Now this is very important for all of you to understand as you are seeing fire being used in all these rituals in the most central way.

The heat in the stomach which is symbolic of the fire – it converts it back into energy and removes the wasteful matter away from the body. At the end of it, when the body is either buried or it is burnt, all these elements from the body go back to the earth and become the earth. This is the cycle of energy and matter, matter energy that goes on and on in this earth. This is the significance or the symbolism of the Yajnas that we perform here too.

Where are these gods? This Brahma loka, Vaikuntha loka, Kailasa loka all these are places that do exist but not in the way that you think. There are fourteen Lokas like this which exist beyond the Bhu loka.  And in each of these Lokas reside the gods or goddesses that belong to that Loka. The Rishis of the yore have had the experience of these gods and goddesses who exist in these Lokas. If you go through the description (of the gods by the rishis), it is possible for you also to see the god. Only when you chant (the mantra) correctly, you listen to it correctly, you contemplate on it correctly would you be able to gain that experience that the Mantra can bestow upon you. It is the mind which experiences, which sees, which hears, which tastes, which touches and through mind, we are able to undertake all these experiences in the world. When the mind is also switched off, when you go into deep sleep state, in that state, you are not able to experience anything, when you wake up you do not even realise where you are, what you have done, how long you have slept. So, how do you experience God?

It is through this faculty of mind when they focus it on God and the attributes that are described in the Mantra, that the gods are visible or they are experienced by the Yogis.