Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you avoid doing evil? – Divine Discourse Summary – Navaratri – September 22, 2017

There is one common unique feature or characteristic of every Divine incarnation. That is nothing but His infinite love for His devotees. It is for the sake of devotees that God comes down to earth with many names and with many forms.

God who is so mysterious, indescribable and He cannot be understood by anybody, a small boy like Prahlada, could win him over. That is because of the love and devotion of Prahlada. Only for those people with that kind of devotion, God is always there. The first thing is you should think of God at all times, at all places. As long as we are thinking of God, we cannot do anything that is wrong. Because we forget God, many times we enter into evil and wrong paths. As long as we are thinking of God, chanting His name, we can never ever be tempted to enter the wrong path. All wrong things we commit because we forget God, forget chanting His name. Therefore, we should never ever forget God. If worst of the sinners (a robber and murderer) could evolve into a great saint and a sage who composed Ramayana, it was the power of the name of Rama. If even a sinner can attain that kind of sainthood by chanting the name of Rama, if we chant Rama’s name, how much more fulfilment we can find in our lives! When we put this light of name of Rama on our tongue, it gives light outside also, and it also illumines our inner world. It purifies both the external world and the inner being.

Why God has given us this life. In order to chant the name of God, we are given this life. The chanting should emanate from the depths of your mind and heart. Then it will purify the inner being. You are walking around. You walk ‘left, right, left, right’. You can also chant ‘Sai Ram Sai Ram’ in your mind and walk. Whatever you might be doing, all the time, within your heart, there should be chanting the name of God. And such people can never (swerve) from the path of Dharma. When you get a bad thought, chant the name ‘Sai Ram’ with your full heart; no bad thoughts can enter you. The chanting the name of the God is one of the most beneficial aspects. There is no other path higher than this in devotion. If you want to really taste the nectar in elixir of Rama nama, you should have some pure good qualities. When you have wrong feelings in your mind, even if you chant the name of God, you are not going to taste it. By listening to the glories of God, you have to purify your mind, then you can chant the name of God.