Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you become a good instrument of Swami? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sai Spoorthi, Annual Alumni and Alumnae Meet – October 1, 2017

In this world where everything is temporary, only things that are permanent are the truth that we live by and the good name that we earn. Those who have led their lives with the sense of sacrifice for the welfare of others become immortal. To lead such a life of immortality, one should have tremendous faith in God. Peace is very important whether in family, whether in your professions, whether in your studies or whatever you are doing, peace of mind is very important. It is not possible unless and until you surrender this mind to God. The one who has surrendered has no worries. This is very important for you to learn at an early age. Constant remembering of God alone can remove all kinds of worries and anxieties from this world. 

In everything that we do, do it for the love of God. ‘I am working not for my sake or family sake or for anyone’s sake; I am working for God’s sake. I want to do work perfectly so that the work is worth offering to God.’ Whatever it might be. It might be office job, computer job, teaching job, any kind of work. Go back and offer this to God. Offer this to God. Therefore, once you think like this, there is no scope for Adharma that is unrighteousness, Anachara that is wrong way of conducting oneself, no scope for any negativity and that will never lead you to the situation where you have to have Paschatapa. You (will) never have remorse, you never have guilt, you never have any sad moments in your life. That one thing if you follow, your heart will be pure. A pure heart will always enjoy everlasting peace.

Every day you must spend some time sitting with Swami in your own house, in your own office, in your own little Puja room, in your own moments of silence talk to Swami who is the indweller, who is there within.  Tell Him your pain, tell Him your happiness, tell Him your sorrows, anxieties, fears, all difficulties. Talk to Him in your own heart. And see how He is going to talk. He is always waiting to talk. But we are not ready to talk to Him. You should not sacrifice that for any other thing. Sacrifice your sleep, sacrifice your food, sacrifice your work – don’t sacrifice this time that you need to spend with Swami. Then you will always remain pure, energetic, kind- hearted. These are the qualities that Swami is looking at. Be good instruments. Don’t let your ego come. That spoils the instrument. That I cannot allow. You be pure instruments. So many things can happen, wonders can happen.