Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you become available to God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Region 4 Youth Meet, Boston – June 17, 2019

What does it take to be available? It takes tremendous amount of fearlessness, tremendous amount of courage. Courage to let go. And be free. Why you have to fear? If you really have faith, there is no fear. Faith knows no fear. Fear knows no faith. To be there for God you have to be fearless. And how can you be fearless? Because you have faith. Faith that He is there to look after. And because He is there to look after everything, why should I worry about it, why should I fear? And that is the spirituality. You are not men, you are not just ordinary humans, mortals. You are Divine, you are God. So, you have all that which God has. What God can do you can do too because you are God. But we forget it.

Don’t shortchange this precious human life, this birth for some petty, paltry things. It is too, too very precious. So, do what you have got to do, do it with love, do it with humility, do it with surrender but at the same time be fearless. Difficulties will come and go. Each difficulty is an opportunity to become strong. Don’t have fear. Fear is not good. The only way to be fearless is when you have tremendous faith in God who is within because we are God. Nothing can happen to us if God is with us. If you really believe that you are gods, you are Divine beings, then you can be fearless, you can be free from all these anxieties and fears. In every difficulty and adversity, you will see that opportunity, you will see that Divine hand how God is directing you to face a situation, to become stronger. In every situation, take a step back and observe how God is creating an opportunity for you to become more like Him, to become more like God. So, every moment remind yourself. This is all that is needed to be done. The more you believe in it, the more you become that. Once you become that, there is nothing more to be achieved. Everything else looks very ordinary.

All these projects are just the means to make you think less about yourself, more about others, more selfless. Only selfless people are fearless. Selfish people are weak. Only selfless are courageous. If you are selfish, if you are attached to anything, idea, person, place or any object, you become weak. In spirit, in word, in deed you should be available. When we become completely fearless because we are completely selfless, because we have complete faith in our Divinity. And that is why we can be available. Be selfless. Be pure. Be fearless. Anything and everything you can achieve. That is the secret.