Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you become more like God? – Divine Discourse Summary – London – March 28, 2019

The greatest truth that can ever be told to any child born is that you are verily divine. Raising children is not just a duty. It is not just a responsibility. It is a privilege given by God to man. He created everybody in His own image. But unfortunately, not many are telling this truth to the children, to the youth, to the elders. When every youth believes fearlessly that he or she is very personification of the Divine and when every man or a woman, finally closes his or her eyes in the womb of time, with this realisation that he or she is divine, that is when we will see a better world. I am so happy that what started as a small programme, a few seeds were sown a few years ago – ‘Growing to be God’. Today I can see that children are picking up those godly qualities of love, of service, of kindness, of compassion, good behaviour. These are all steps towards becoming divine. The less you think of yourself, the more you think of others, you become more like God. 

So, are the youth following that? And on purpose I told the youth to go to the elderly care homes so that they realise that this youth is not going to last for too long. One day you will also become like them – helpless, aged, decaying and ultimately waiting for one’s own death. So, before such a day comes, realise that this life is so precious and it must be led in a way that you realise that you are divine, that you are God Himself. If you look at the history of the world, the revolutions did not begin in masses. It took only one or two or just a handful to cause great revolutions which have changes the course of history for entire mankind. Likewise, a few of you, few good children, few youths, few devotees who are sincere about this thought that we are verily divine and therefore we must think, act and speak like God, like Divinity can change the history of the world, can put the entire mankind on a different path altogether.

What has begun in a small way must spread and reach to many more people. Beyond the boundaries of any organisations and programmes and cultures and religions, this truth is something that needs to be told to everyone. While you lead your lives, remember always, let our thoughts, let our words, let our actions be channels of that Divinity. Let God speak though us, think through us, breathe through us, walk through us, talk through us, act through us. Involve everybody. Welcome everybody. And help them taste this joy of service. You must participate in something or the other.