Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you experience love? – Divine Discourse Summary – August 27, 2018

This Divinity that permeates everything, in order to experience that, certain efforts are to be made. The process of education is precisely this. To know that truth that you are divine and everything and everywhere there is Divinity alone that is present is the ultimate goal of education. If we haven’t learnt this education which teaches us that we are divine and so is everyone else, then our education is truly not complete. Like the sugar which dissolves in the water and disappears, yet it gives the taste to the water through which it can be known; likewise, God has dissolved Himself and disappeared in this whole world in everything and can be known only through experience. In our heart, when we become pure, when we become full of love, we can experience the love of God and thereby, His presence. Like the sweetness of the water tells us that sugar is present, the love that we feel tells us that God is here. 

This body which is so valuable as has been described to you is also being given in order to be of help to others, to serve others by which we experience the love of God and we experience the presence of God in everything. Love is God’s quality. How do you experience love? Through service you experience love. When you serve others, you feel the love. You do anything for anybody else, you feel the love. So, you have to serve to know love. Once you know love, you know God. You can experience God only if you are pure hearted, this purity can be attained through service. Therefore, I always say -written there – Love all, serve all. That is the way to God. Once you do that, you will start experiencing the presence of God in everything like the sugar syrup by tasting it. 

I am planning to develop a PU college here in Gulbarga in the coming times so that it benefits all of you and you don’t have to go anywhere outside. All this I am ready to do, all this and more I am ready to do for your welfare, for your betterment but the only thing that you should do is use all this in order to help ten others; there are hundreds and thousands of children who need our help, who are still in difficulties. If each one of you can pull up ten more children out of their misery and difficulties, then we would think that all these efforts have found fulfilment. Then you are truly living the ideal of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam that all are our brothers and sisters, and ultimately though this kind of service to the needy, you will realise love and you will realise God. Then your education becomes complete.