Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you experience the presence of God? – Divine Discourse Summary – Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli – July 11, 2019

Man, who is bound by his five senses, experiences the world around through these. Beyond the senses which are supreme for the man in this world, there exists mind that controls all these senses. Beyond the senses exists the mind; beyond the mind exists the intellect – the discrimination power. Beyond that exists that which we do not see but that is what is God, that is what is Atman.  While that which we experience through senses are measurable, those emotions, those thoughts which arise out of mind and is discriminated by intellect cannot be measured by any means. If that itself is not measurable, then what about Divinity that exists beyond even the mind and the faculty of intellect? 

As long as mind listens to the voice of God, how to lead one’s life, how to turn the car, the car will go on in the right path and reach the destination. However, if the mind does not listen to the master, the driver does not listen to the passenger-master and turns the car the way it wants, then there might be accidents and one may not reach the goal. Likewise, as long as this body is driven by the mind and mind listens to the Atman or Divinity which is present within, our life will be peaceful and happy. So the purpose of our life is to realise that God exists and exists in all – Antara bahischa tat sarvam vyapya Narayanastaha – inside, outside and everywhere, everything God alone exists. Study science, mathematics, English, Kannada, all subjects that you are studying. Learn how to play sports, music and every other art. But beyond all these things, the most important education in our institutions is to learn that God exists, and God exists inside, outside and everywhere.

Believe in the words of the scripture that God alone exists. The purest and the surest quality of God is pure selfless love. Where you find this kind of pure selfless love you know that God is there. So, when you develop as children, as elders this pure love for everyone which loves all, hates none, then you will also experience this truth that God exists within you and everywhere else too.  If you want to know whether God exists, you just have to love everyone purely, selflessly. In that love, you will experience the presence of God. When we are able to love everyone, when we are able to serve everyone, that is when our education is complete in these institutions, else not. Happiness is permanent only when we are able to love and serve selflessly not otherwise. This is the most important lesson; this is the most important education for which you have joined Sai institutions. So, what is the goal of education in Sathya Sai institutions? Love all, serve all.