Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you gain good concentration? – Divine Discourse Summary – October 5, 2017

If you want to study, you have to study that education which takes us to immortality, beyond death. However great a person may be, if he is not a good person, he will not be happy in this world. It is not the purpose of our lives that we become great people, well-known people by gathering knowledge of this world. In our educational institutions, it is not enough if we become great but you have to become good. That is more important. You have to become good men and not great men. When you are good, automatically greatness will come to you. Even in the word ‘good’, ‘G-o-d’ is there. Wherever there is goodness, everything will come there. Therefore, we should strive to attain this kind of goodness and not really go after greatness. Good is God. Therefore, we should always try to attain goodness.

You should not be afraid of examinations. You should have confidence. If you put in your efforts steadily, you will have self-confidence, you will not be afraid. Where there is mistake, there is fear. If you study on a regular basis and revise your lessons, you will not be afraid of any examinations. For students, concentration is very important. Conquering the mind, controlling the mind gives us concentration. Spirituality is very very important because that bestows upon us control on mind. When you have mind control, sense control happens automatically. What generally students take one hour to study, if you have good concentration, focus your eyes, ears and mind on the book properly, you can learn just in ten minutes. When you have a pure mind, concentration is spontaneous. Due to lack of purity, many perversions enter the mind and therefore, it is very fickle. When you keep your mind pure, concentration comes to you naturally. From there comes contemplation and then finally meditation.

The activities like prayer, JapaBhajans, meditation – all these things purify our minds. Pure mind is always steady. With a steady mind, we can achieve anything. Not only in the material world, even in the spiritual world, if you have a pure mind, you can achieve many things. Yoga is that which gets rid of the fickleness of mind and makes it steady. Only when you have steady mind, you can achieve anything. You should control and master your mind. Mind is a good servant but a bad master. Mind should be our servant not our master. When you participate in all these activities and develop goodness and purity of mind, you do get concentration of mind. Then you can study anything very quickly. Otherwise how could Vivekananda do all that? He was not just extraordinary; he had purity of mind and therefore, goodness and then concentration of mind.