Sri Sathya Sai Vrindawith Love, at His service

How do you make spiritual progress and reach God? – Divine Discourse Summary – January 07, 2018

Though God is present everywhere at all times in all places, yet most do not understand or experience this. Why is it so? How is it that He is understood, experienced by only a few and not everyone though He is everywhere? Purity of mind is extremely important. Unless one has developed this purity of mind which is the tool with which one perceives the world here and beyond, one cannot experience the presence of God. The Manasarovar that lies within our own selves which is our own mind, when it is steady and pure, that is when we are able to see the Lord and His reflection. 

Every thought that we think is extremely important in maintaining the purity and the steadiness of mind. Pure thoughts mean thoughts that are divine in nature, thoughts that will elevate you and take you closer to God.  However, if the thoughts are of selfish nature, that which cause negative feelings within you, that which disturbs the peace and the rest of your mind, then they have to be avoided.  When such thoughts come and disturbs the peace or the steadiness and purity of the mind, then what should you do? You should wait, you should allow for the water or the thoughts and your mind to settle down again. When some thoughts come and disturb us, we should not be in a hurry to put those thoughts into words and those words into action. You have to allow the mind to settle down again and not hurry into converting these thoughts into words and actions.  

Children must practice how to purify one’s mind and how to make it steady so that they can experience and feel Swami or Divinity all the time in all places in all situations. In good company, you will get good thoughts. In company that is not good, you will also get thoughts also which are not good in nature. If you cannot stop (your associates from selfish thoughts), the first thing you should do is, you should move out of that company. Run away from bad company is the very first step in spirituality. The mind that is full of God in which God is present will always be at peace, will always be at rest. Next step is You must find the company of good people, noble people, devoted people, spiritual people. Then, Engage yourself in good actions day and night – that is all the time. If you just do these three steps, you will reach the next and final step, always constantly you will be able to discriminate between what is good, what is not good. Pure mind is very capable; it has high concentration. And with that, anything we do – whether studies, sports or any other activity – we can do it perfectly and successfully.